About Laura Jane

I’m Laura Jane—or Laura, LJ, Lauralita, Jane—a writer, editor, student, yoga teacher, traveler, cyclist and lover of em dashes, with and without spaces. In past lives I’ve worked in a few different flavors of journalism, including in the news room, health care marketing and magazines, online editing and SEO.

My life’s work and calling, though, is to speak from my heart and help others do the same, whether through carefully crafted words, yoga practice on and off the mat, personal and business website copy, or branding and content marketing. I love synthesizing information, brainstorming, rewording and reading. I currently am a freelance editor and writer in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I’m intrigued by communication among individuals, our greater connectedness, and what factors influence that—including the internet. I’m interested in and enjoy writing about self exploration and awareness, sense of community, being outside and going inside, cycling and walking as transportation, meaningful connections, and alternative ways of living and thinking.

The Southerner in me welcomes you! Thanks for reading.


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