What We’re Growing at Imagine Artisans

Most of my Miami posts have been about personal growth, transition, change, and some of the pain and laughter that comes with it. What I’ve left out, however, are all the beautiful projects that have taken root and are sprouting, with lots of love, conversation, attention and intention.

For now, most of these projects grow out of our hearts, the warehouse (Imagine Artisans) and the Epple Seed Arts tap tap, which is the bus we call home near the Falls in Pinecrest.


The tap tap! Aka home.


My welcome home flowers, baby nanas and lychees on the tap-tap!

Breath Work

Once again, the universe seems to have conspired to shower me (and everyone else, really…) with blessings! When I stopped over in Miami in January, Jeff introduced me to one of his students who works as a yoga teacher. She and her partner, a martial arts guide, opened a studio a year ago. When we talked that day way back in January, my brain still awash after visiting Wendy in Argentina, she was hugely encouraging and rooting for me to follow my heart.

I believe in connections and intentions. My yoga guide’s words from teacher training still stick with me when she said, “Be careful and intentional about what you wish for…”


Sunset storm clouds on the way to Brawling Buddha

So here I am, months later, joining that yogi’s studio, Brawling Buddha, as a teacher! I’ve found nothing but goodness from the yogis I’ve encountered here, but this studio in particular shines: Hayley and Jimmy bring great energy and drive to their studio as teachers, partners and small business owners. From the moment you walk in you feel at home and at ease…and the family connection among Hayley and her beautiful daughters, yoga clients, kids taking martial arts classes, their parents…just shines. I’m excited and feel honored to be part of it!

Pitcher This


Internet piddling spot. The only thing ergonomic about this set up is the relation of my arm to the beer can.

While I piddle around on the internet, write and pursue dreaded keyword research, Jeff has been making pots. And plates. And platters. And pitchers! We’re gearing up to launch an Etsy page where folks can peruse his pottery. He also makes commissioned pieces, from sets of mugs to full dinnerware. More photos to follow… but there’s new stuff coming down the pipeline! Or through the kiln. I could chase pot puns for hours.


Mug shot


Pot heads


Steady Saturday in the studio

I haven’t had the balls to take on one of his pottery classes, I must admit, but my day is coming. And till then, I overlap where I can, socializing with the handbuilding and wheel classes at the Ceramic League of Miami. I’m offering a slow vinyasa class to pottery students and members beginning this week! Stay tuned for more on this and other classes, which I’ll update on my Yoga Classes link.


2 thoughts on “What We’re Growing at Imagine Artisans

  1. I’d love to see some video of Jeff’s process or you teaching or taking some yoga classes! And hear about your Etsy store when you have it ready 🙂

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