Three Days and 10 Hours of Asana Later

That’s it! I finished!

Seven months, nine weekends, twice as many teachers, 28 yogis, one sherpa, many, many lessons, lots of practice, lots of reading, lots of writing… with a grand finale of nearly TEN HOURS of asana this weekend…

and I am finished with my yoga teaching certification!

Granted the test must be graded, the feedback given, my final day of silence paper submitted… but the hours of preparation have been complete. Most importantly, I FEEL complete, like I completed something, like I accomplished something!

I set out on this journey with no idea what it would feel like to finish, or what it would feel like to commit myself to such a process, an unveiling and uncovering, a discovery in so many ways. And the journey has done nothing short of transform me.

I want to be poetic and nostalgic about where I was when I started, the challenges I faced and ideas I had, but I can’t focus on that! I can only focus on the joyousness and lightness I feel in my heart and in my head. I FINISHED! I accomplished a big, major goal. What I do with it from here on out is relevant, and it will certainly be its own challenge.

But we’re done! Huzzah!

Let the next phase of learning begin.

…right after I drink this celebratory beer.


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