Finding Yoga on the Basketball Court

Amid the noisiest, busiest surroundings, we’re able to find peace. We find stillness. We find ease.

We breathe.

Today I hurdled toward the Sports Barn, my yoga home, knowing that my regular class had been cancelled. But out of habit, I had to roll out my mat at lunchtime and breathe.

I asked Teresa, the downtown director, where I could practice, as a circuit class moved in the room we used to practice in. Consequently, it was the space where I was first ever introduced to yoga, and the space that held the class cancelled last week.

She looked toward the yoga studio.

“There’s a cross-training yoga class in there, or you can practice in that corner of the basketball court,” she said.

I smiled and walked toward the court, just happy to find ANY space. I started moving, breathing, and caught a fellow yogi who was unable to make it into a spin class. I asked him if he wanted to come practice with me on the basketball court.

“I can’t do all those crazy poses you do, but sure!” he said.

And so, in the corner of the basketball court, with two other people sprinting up and down the court around us, raucous beats blaring out of a jam-packed spin class, we practiced. We moved. We found our breath.

I talked us through a basic sun A sequence, some core, some inversions, some yin postures as we cooled down. It was simple, basic, and a great opportunity to practice my cues and tone. It didn’t require any crazy poses. Afterwards, my yogi friend thanked me and we parted ways.

Each closing door makes room for another one to open. If the class, which marked my own introduction to yoga, hadn’t been cancelled, I might not have found this mini teaching opportunity in the corner of the basketball court.

If we always come to our yoga in a place of perfect lighting, a quiet room, no outside sounds and ideal conditions, we may never be challenged to find the stillness within. To listen to our hearts and let the noise around us become steady, humming, almost peaceful in its loudness.

I have gratitude for the cozy, inviting rooms and studios for practicing that provide comfort and allow us to decompress and unplug. In fact, I LOVE some of these spaces and the calmness they bring.

But I appreciate just as much the space between the four corners of my own mat, my little magic carpet, that transports me to my innerspace no matter where I am, no matter what the background noise or company. Each opportunity we take to find our center is a worthy one, no matter the circumstances.


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