Determining Relevancy: A Romanticized View of Keyword Reseach

I work in internet marketing. A crucial (and huge) part of what we do is called keyword research, a process that allows us to find, target and highlight high search volume, low competition words to build a strategy for creating landing pages, campaigns, you name it for clients that will hopefully result to improved relevancy and resourcefulness.

I’ve been researching logistics and third party logistics companies for the past week, and as I filter out irrelevant keywords, I couldn’t help but notice the subtle beauty and reality of the “what is” terms in my list of 3,000 words.

“What is…” allows us to inquire about life, ask big questions, learn more. I’m sure I could revisit my initial keyword list to see how an algorithm may have turned these out, but reading and re-reading the list warms my heart. We as humans have been asking questions about the meaning of life, of happiness, law, capitalism…for ages.

Now, in the 21st century, we sometimes ask search engines. The romantic in me sees some of these queries as not only poetic, but beautiful. The budding analyst in me just sees them as reality. I think I’ll settle with romanticism for now.

Finding Relevancy
in logistics
the left column represents local (in the U.S.) monthly searches

what is accounting 4090000
what is capitalism 550000
what is cloud computing 301000
what is communication 5000000
what is computer 3E+07
what is crm 1000000
what is culture 6120000
what is customer service 5000000
what is data 2E+07
what is data warehousing 90500
what is database 5000000
what is democracy 1000000
what is development 1.1E+07
what is economics 3350000
what is education 3.7E+07
what is emo 1500000
what is equity 3350000
what is fleet management 40500
what is freight shipping 1220000
what is friendship 2240000
what is fulfillment 165000
what is happiness 1500000
what is health 3.7E+07
what is information technology 1220000
what is internet 3.7E+07
what is law 3E+07
what is linux 6120000
what is literature 2740000
what is logistic management 8100
what is logistics 1220000
what is logistics and supply chain management 6600
what is logistics industry 2900
what is logistics jobs 40500
what is logistics management 27100
what is management 2.5E+07
what is marketing 7480000
what is material handling 74000
what is material handling equipment 9900
what is media 1.7E+07
what is my car worth 49500
what is philosophy 1830000
what is religion 4090000
what is software 2.5E+07
what is stress 3350000
what is supply chain 550000
what is supply chain and logistics 14800
what is supply chain logistics 14800
what is supply chain management 201000
what is supply chain management software 4400
what is supply chain strategy 8100
what is technology 1.4E+07
what is the cloud 6120000
what is the internet 3.7E+07
what is the logistics industry 2900
what is the supply chain 550000
what is third party logistics 22200
what is transport management 14800
what is transportation 9140000
what is transportation logistics 18100
what is transportation management 33100
what is warehouse logistics 5400
what is warehouse management 27100
what is warehouse management system 8100
what is warehousing 3350000
what is wms 90500

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