Shining Moments on Gray Days

Among a gray February day, those moments when the switch flips, the lights come on, and something just CLICKS…?

Those moments really stand out. 

They come teaching a yoga class of two, yogis I’ve practiced with for years, a forgiving duo who helped me realize that I am fully ready to bring and share my spirit to guiding a class. 

They come when I pound out an e-mail to a friend I haven’t spoken to in weeks, and my prose flows and I know we can reconnect, no questions asked. 

They come when I walk out of a 90-degree, super humid yoga class, wondering what I lost, what I just gave up, only to realize all of the worries and concerns of the day, the week, the afternoon had been released. When I let go, the answers arrived.

They come when emotions and feelings of joy overwhelm me, and I realize I have the support of my community, my closest friends, beneath my wings every step of this amazing journey and path…

They come when I realize, through tears and painful moments, that the only burden keeping me from moving PAST my PAST… is my own heart and willingness to let go. Only through forgiveness can I move on and drop habits, behaviors and self-destructive cycles that no longer serve me. 

IT IS THOSE MOMENTS that ring so, so true to me. 

I move into this weekend of yoga teacher training with an open heart, a perspective of forgiveness and a LOT of love. 

“What is the worst that could happen if you surrender to love? 
What we seem to fear most is the broken heart. Yet the very unwillingness for the heart to be broken IS the broken heart. 
The tragedy and irony is that in order to avoid a broken heart, people live in a state of broken-heartedness. In the willingness to have the heart broken a million, trillion, zillion times, true love is revealed.”

I cherish those breakthrough, ah-ha moments, and rays of light… and the chance to love with all of my heart.



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