Love Came Via Priority Mail

Love came on stealthy fingers
And took me by surprise
I fell against my wishes
Though I was wise, oh so wise

For love to me was not a total stranger
I’ve seen it come and go and come again
I know the sweetness and I know the danger
Oh yeah, I know the pain

Love came, that old magician
Beat me at the game
Once more, I’m lost without you
I’ll never, never never ever be the same

For after all what would life be like without it
Nothing to be done about it
Might as well be happy while you can

Love came on stealthy fingers
And stole my heart away

For after all what would life be like without it
Nothing to be done about it
Might as well be happy while we can.

Love came on stealthy fingers
And stole my heart away.
(Bob Dorough)

I walked in the house, arms full with my bag from work and the mail. The BikeHaus was dark but inviting after a long day at work and an intense evening of teacher training.

Hillary and I gabbed all the way home from training about work, life, yoga, the process, our “gestation” period of becoming teachers. My day had been busy and full of excitement—my company was awarded 2013 Friendly Business of the Year by the Young Professionals Association of Chattanooga. We accepted the award at a luncheon and celebrated with a beer afterwards with another award winner, Mike Robinson of Fork & Pie and Brewhaus fame.

The afternoon unfolded beautifully, and an evening of yoga seemed to be the perfect way to come down from the buzzing energy of the day. Back at the BikeHaus, I spotted a package waiting for me on the table. Excitedly, with almost no hesitation, I grabbed it and carried it upstairs.

Through meditation, through my yoga practice, and more or less through my writing, I strive to find spaciousness and quiet. Quiet from the thoughts of self-doubt, questions about my future, my situation, my place. Quiet from the busy day to day buzzing and chaos that I so easily allow to take over my mind and heart.

As I opened the package, a light box, I pulled out a little tile inscribed with “love.” Beneath the tile I still couldn’t tell what was being held by layers and layers of bubble wrap, thinking and joking to myself that I would have so many boxes and bubble wrap to give back to Jeff…

I pulled out the final piece that held a small ceramic bird, eyes closed, that fit perfectly between my cupped hands.


Little Lovebird

Something about holding this little bird, the sweet gesture, allowed a sense of quiet and peace wash over me. Tears welled up in my eyes. My love mailed me a love bird, in a big box nested carefully in bubble wrap. My lovebird arrived via USPS Priority Mail.

Make someone happy,
Make just one someone happy;
Make just one heart the heart you sing to.
One smile that cheers you,
One face that lights when it nears you,
One girl you’re ev’rything to.

And just like this little bird arrived to me, carefully chosen and shipped, I feel like I’m creating my own little nest, choosing the right pieces to carry with me, the tools I need to find space, the comforts I need to thrive, and the support I need to grow.

Here I find peace and spaciousness, with the daily challenges and struggles I face, with hard work and dedication. Here I find space and opening, in love and with grace, like the calm little bird nesting, at rest and at home.


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