A Gift of Sunshine

I pedaled back from yoga in a light rain/mist. The temperature hovered at 40ish degrees all morning, which made the dampness cut straight through my layers, my gloves, my shoes and socks.

But somehow, even this morning, when it was a bit colder, my brain a bit foggier, I still managed to spread my wings as I sailed down Forrest Avenue, greeting the day, greeting the moment, and greeting the city.

The flu seems to have struck most of the United States while I was away. People drop like flies, entire families get it, most of my office fell ill, and people at the gym are getting it, too, unfortunately. I feel like I somehow have immunity from the sun or something, having spent so much time in the dry summertime down South, Southern Hemisphere south.


A field of sunflowers on our way to Golpe de Agua, Cordoba

The flu got to the teacher who usually teaches the Tuesday noontime class at the gym, too. As a substitute was the instructor I just met before going on my trip who exposed me to her giant quartz singing bowl. The one that cracked me open about a month ago.

I commented on it, remembering how I just let go last time, the vibrations taking over my head and heart, bringing me to tears. She smiled warmly at me, and then guided the class through a slow, opening flow with twists and backbends.

As we found savasana, I felt a calmness move across my eyes and face. She started swirling the bowl, it’s vibrations getting louder and stronger, encompassing my entire body, all of the class, deafening any outside sounds. While I felt my eyes flutter, instead of choking up, I felt totally at peace. Behind my eyes, I could see so clearly.

After class, I suited up in my awkwardly pieced together rain outfit, bright yellow and blue gloves, cycling cap, green jacket, pink helmet, and pedaled back through the light rain to my office.

There, I was greeted by a bouquet of sunflowers and irises, with a note:

“Big love from warmer climbs.”
My face cracked into a smile, my whole body beaming.
Some sunshine arrived on my desk. The flowers, still tight buds, will likely open in a few days, when the gloom of this week, rainy, cold, gray skies, give way to bright sunshine.
Part of my soul is with you in the sunshine.
Frolicking in the breezy sunshine.
Free and in that freedom, savoring our connection
I like that our connection is a metaphor for our deeper connected-ness to everything
Of our universality and divinity. Enjoy being god and goddess today and knowing that you are showered with kisses
Celebrate in the rain. I feel lucky to join. The whispered laugh of love in the rain!
So much sunshine in my cozy nest, overlooking Broad Street on another drizzly January afternoon.

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