Love Needs No Translation

“In this world,” said Oscar Wilde, “there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting is.” I’m counting on you to refute the last part of that questionable assertion, Leo. According to my analysis of long-term astrological omens, you will definitely be getting what you want in the next six months. You will receive your prize… you will earn your badge… you will win a big game or claim your birthright or find your treasure. When that happens, I trust you will make sure it’s an enduring blessing. There will be no sadness involved.”

–Rob Brezsny//Free Will Astrology, week of Jan. 3


Before the New Year’s asado in Oliva

This year will be a year of humility.

I was reminded of who I am today. I am a joyous, innocent soul. I am a thinker, someone who writes and reflects a lot. I am youthful and vibrant and funny and often pegged as an “old soul.”

I was reminded today, the first day of 2013, that smiling and laughing need no translation. The most compassionate communication is not with words, but with looks, touch, sound.


Sunrise on the new year, Oliva

The heart, the metaphorical heart, knows the right path, the appropriate fork or direction to take. Even last night, I expressed doubt at a decision. Fer reassured me, told me everything was OK. He couldn’t have been more correct. I jumped, but I didn’t fall. And through these experiences I was exposed to a side of love, compassion and sharing

that I have been waiting for. For a long time.

And it needed no translation, no ingles, no espanol.

Love needs no translation.

THIS YEAR, then, I will seek humility… in my relationships, in my roles, in the spaces I create. More softness, more slowing down, deeper breaths. Less stuff, bigger dreams.

That is my New Year’s resolution.

“Apinuyir dear friend! May it be full of JOY, DISCOVERY, PEACE, LOVE, WONDER, SWEET MYSTERY, HEALTH, LAUGHS and every other good thing!”

“To independence, love, happiness and experiencing the fullness of each moment… feliz ano nuevo!”


New year, new doors. Oliva.


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