A Simple Space in Cordoba

AND SO BEGINS my own practice.

I woke up feeling more rested, but groggy. We stayed up till midnight after eating at an Arabic restaurant around the corner. I crawled onto the small mat that Wendy left in my room and just started breathing, slowly bringing more movement, heating up my core, which immediately heated me in the small room I’m staying in. There isn’t much circulation in this space, so I got warm, piecing together a basic warrior I/humble/peaceful/half moon sequence with some variations.

It was my own.

Yesterday afternoon  morning! (I arrived SO early!), Wendy and I sat outside in their courtyard and I started telling her about yoga, about breath. We eeked our way slowly into tadasana, forward folds, a full Sun A. We came to the mat and fell into conversation–about work and ourselves and our lives. How did we want to live? What does our future look like?

There is something so calm and quiet in my sister and Fer’s home. It’s off a courtyard, in the “center” of the block, and the house easily fills with natural light. It’s simple; in general, there isn’t stuff or clutter.

So this morning, my movement, my yoga was simple too. I just moved the clutter out of the way.


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