On Cookies and Giving Without Expectation

Sometimes when you ask for love, or put love out there, it comes back to you in ways you couldn’t have anticipated or maybe even imagined.


Foggy morning at BikeHaus

Yesterday I got off my lunchtime phone call with Anthony at Bike Walk Tennessee and happily bounced back to my office. A colleague stopped me once I got inside. “The guard dropped something off for you,” he said.

I found a brown paper bag from Niedlov’s Bakery sitting by my desk, no note except for my name and company scrawled on a scrap of paper with instructions to leave it with the guard. Inside was a small bag of Brazilian coffee beans, granola and a box of cookies and a pastry.

I still have no idea who had this heavenly, sweet gesture sent to me. All I know is that starting a Friday morning with a melty, delicious chocolate crossisant is absolute decadence.

I e-mailed a friend yesterday afternoon and told him about the sweet gesture from an anonymous sender. “Unmarked, from I don’t know who, which seems to make it even more special. A gift from the universe; encouragement to keep doing what I’m doing. And how did they know I liked cookies so much?!?” I wrote.


A melty, buttery start to Friday…

Last night, my meditation before practice focused on cookies: yes, my favorite dessert and well-known indulgence, usually some delightfully simple combination of butter, flour, sugar and chocolate. But also what a cookie can represent. The act of giving and loving without expectation or need for recognition.

Happy Friday, friends. Thank you for reading ❤


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