Returning to Sharing

After waking from a sound eight hours of sleep, my mind was groggy. I let my body doze for 15 more minutes, awoke, meditated and got up to start my day.

I feel emotionally much different than last Wednesday, or even two weeks ago, before the second teacher training weekend. Another subtle shift happened: I cut out a lot of things, like coffee, physically of course, and I experienced a holiday weekend, yes. But I explored new realms of myself related to death, attachment and past formative experiences.

I just let them go.

I sat on the floor with my tea next to my stack of note cards. It’s just about time to write one, to send someone something, though I’m not sure what or to whom… instead, I pulled out my tarot cards, shuffled them and pulled this, the Queen of Fire—SHARING. The commentary:

“As you move above to the fourth center—that is the heart—your whole life becomes a sharing of love. By reaching the third center in meditation, you have become so overflowing with love, with compassion, and you want to share. It shappens at the fouth center—the heart.

That’s why even in the ordinary world people think love comes out of the heart. For them it is just hearsay, they have heard it; they don’t know it because they have never reached to their heart. But the meditator finally reaches the heart. As he has reached to the center of his being—the third center—suddenly an explosion of love and compassion and joy and blissfulness and benediction has arisen in him with such a force that it hits his heart and opens the heart. The heart is just in the middle of the seven centers—three centers below, three centers aboce. You have come exactly to the middle.”
—OSHO Zen Tarot

My heart feels ready to embrace the day, it’s lessons, opportunities and breaths. I’m ready to share, to love and move forward.


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