“Commitment to the Highest” on Saturday Morning

When I first did this anusara practice on yogaglo two weeks ago, I laughed in my mind about “commitment to the highest,” a phrase used again and again throughout 60 minutes of deep backbending and shoulder loops. Backbending and heart opening in the morning do something very special—I felt it through the first practice, and I feel it again now.

There is a lightness in my chest, back, shoulders, throat, abdomen and heart space. My mind and head are clear, and I feel awake and energized. As I sit on my mat in front of the heat, I can see the sky slowly beginning to brighten. It looks cold outside; I’m grateful that my practice for the day is finished, and that I won’t have to bundle up to zip down the hill through the icy morning.

Commitment is a big word. It comes up everywhere, whether in relationships or with yourself through commitment to a practice, habit, action or path. It’s a word I’ve shied away from for years after seeing one commitment between two people fall apart, fall through. But part of what I’ve been unlocking and uncovering in myself is the commitment to myself, to “the highest,” for what it’s worth, to dedication, humility and love. Because only through rekindling the commitment to myself, through whatever path I choose, can I better serve others.

“With your hands at your heart, offer your commitment to yourself. Make it real. So that the efforts you brought to practice, the deep openings we find on our mats can guide us in the path of the highest, can fuel our commitment. Offer yourself, your commitment, to what’s good, true and beautiful about you. In remembrance of that highest self, of its source… namaste.” (Christina Sell, yogaglo.com “The Highest First,” Nov. 25, 2011.)


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