To My Yogis: It’s Weekend 2!

It hit me last night that I AM IN THIS, engaged and fully turned on to the schools of thought, this learning process with 29 other souls and our sherpa..for the long haul. These aren’t just changes in my day to day…these people are becoming one of my families.


Sunrise from the BikeHaus

The changes they feel and experience in a sense mirror my own awakening. Even when the ground is all we have to cling to in the face of scary feelings, challenges and what can seem like impossible feats…

We have our familiy. Our community. We have our yoga. We ARE our yoga.

Now I’m curled up on top of my comforter in numerous cozy layers, my fire blazing. It’s truly a blessing to wake up every day in this space, especially knowing the love and attention and care put into creating and maintaining it, from Quint, Cortney and countless others.


The support from my housemate goes above and beyond!

I have to take this goodness, this light, and let it keep shining, like a lamp. I have to be conscious of tending my flame. Letting it grow too much will burn, but keeping it inside without air, without love and exposure, will certainly extinguish it.

Good morning, and happy Saturday.



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