On Letting Go of Fear of Loving Others

“I know I can embody those values, but it scares me a little bit.”

In my medidation this morning, this somewhat scared feeling kept coming up. I think it was more discomfort at something new and unusual more than “scary.” Over the past few days I was exposed to and fully took part in intense training with my company. Mostly related to the culture, history and intro to SEO, etc. etc.

As I victoriously pulled into Chattanooga on I-75, I felt back at home, in my own space and in my community. Do I “fit,” so to speak, into my new spot then?


Home is where the hearth is.

There is no need to worry about whether or not I fit in there, or if I can maintain those values and standards. I work with these people for a reason—I found my own set of morals and value guidelines through yoga. THAT IS WHAT BROUGHT ME HERE. And quite frankly, there’s no room for self doubt.

Do good work and the rest will fall into place. Don’t worry about trying to pick apart the shift and recent changes—it’s in the past. Move forward with confidence and grace, humility and respect.

And mostly, take away the concept of SERVANTHOOD. My job, my yogic path as an aspirant, NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE ABOUT ME. They’re about setting good examples, helping others find their path or “life’s work,” no matter what that is.


Burnt Mountain overlook on the way home.

That’s the best takeaway. I have worked hard this year at fully loving myself so I can better love others. It’s OK to feel scared when I see that…it’s TIME. I always thought (or dreamed) that “loving others” so often would mean one person, a partner…and it does include that, but on a deeper level, LOVING others means SERVING others, with honesty, kindness and respect.

And that’s how I’ll move forward today, with butterflies in my stomach, a beating heart and smile.


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