Aside: Weekend One: Sunday evening

What feels like 72 hours

15 hours of time in and around the studio

6 hours of guided vinyasa and meditation

30 students, 1 teacher

and likely 400+ sun salutes

…and here I am, feeling not like a different person, per se, but CHANGED. Something has shifted. The way I feel my body, the way I listen to my mind, my heart, what’s INSIDE below the regular chaotic chatter and hum of daily life.

I feel awake.

Today’s practice, this morning’s practice, was just as simple as yesterday’s. Unlike Friday night, I slept like a dream Saturday night—in bed at 9, passed out cold, awake at 1 a.m. to pee and back awake at 5:15 a.m.ish to start my morning.

How will I mold and melt these new practices into my daily routine? There’s only one way to do it—start now. Envelope this weekend’s kick off high and experience and make these changes now. TOMORROW. Dietarily, I can manage eating much lighter. Not drinking as much does WONDERS for me psychologically, emotionally and physically.

Less coffee, tea instead in the afternoon. Aim for 8 hours’ sleep each night. Drink water till my piss is lemonade, not apple juice. Floss, tongue scrape, cut out refined sugars.


I am in a new state of exhaustion that I haven’t felt in ages. Talking to other people about it is difficult, working these kinds of intentions into my BEING…won’t happen overnight, and that’s OK. I will feel challenged, I’ll likely want to quit at least once and face other untold struggles. 

But you know what? The benefits I already feel are profound. I smile softly just as the SHIFT I experienced in my teaching “style,” from Saturday to Sunday. I received positive feedback; It comes naturally to me, and I feel like…

I have embarked on a life-changing experience.

My heart FULL, my brain is, well, tired and almost blank (but excited!). I’m looking forward to more reading and “cleaning house,” metaphorically speaking.


Out of hot bath, my skin warm
blood pulsing happily through my whole
body, face flushed
I feel ready to LET GO.

to let go and fall into sleep, rest;
to let go of concern about this shift;
to let go of expectations, related to yoga, work and relationships
and to JUST BE ME.
(It’s OK.)






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