When you let your heart lead and focus on the good, the rest will fall away.

That sentiment led me into fall last Friday at an equinox yoga workshop at the Sports Barn downtown, guided by Madia, and it continues.


When you open your heart and shine your true self, you allow yourself to be receptive to blessings…

Last night in yoga, I set an intention to be rooted in joy. Tears well up in my eyes as I write this even now… it’s so hard to be present under stress. As a friend reminded me yesterday, though, my presence has an amazing impact on those around me, and when I’m down, everyone can feel it. On the flip side, when I connect with what’s truly in my heart… I can profoundly affect those around me and show them the same lightheartedness and laughter that I try to embrace. So I’m staying rooted in joy—it’s what’s in my heart, at my core, in my roots.


Instead of curling up and giving in to the stress, my reactions, my rage, I’ve brought my best smiley self to situations. Today that culminated in enjoying breakfast with bikey friends on the bridge, grabbing coffee for a colleague, laughing off the coffee mix-up when I got the dreaded pumpkin spice latte instead of my triple Americano…

Adam and I sat in Miller Plaza people watching and listening to UT’s Pride of the Southland marching band play for the pep rally. I caught up with a client, sipped the SodaJerks’ sodas, ate a TacoSherpa rice bowl and soaked in the beauty of fall, a sunshiney afternoon downtown with friends, in our charming little downtown…

This is merely a collection of sentiments. I’m eager to leave work and reenter the downtown atmosphere to celebrate a birthday, rock out to 80s tunes, ride a BikeChattanooga bike share bike, take a bike-guided, beer-inspired local farms tour that ends at the Crabtree Farms’ Pig Roast under a full moon, and then lead a storm of breast cancer-fighting supporters through the Chattanooga Komen Race for the Cure on Sunday.

Focus on the good, and the rest will fall away.

(and then listen to this song, dance, bounce around, repeat.)


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