Among the Trees: Welcome to the BikeHaus!

The BikeHaus has a magical quality about it, especially in the morning.

I’m perched in a chair sippping my coffee, looking down over the hills of North Chattanooga from the back porch as the sun peeks over the neighbor’s house. The charming roar of jackhammers, men yelling and trucks at 7:30 a.m. is somewhat … jarring, but hey, I’d be awake anyway. Who are we kidding.

Happiest pedaling yogi!

Just over a month ago, I moved here, into my friend’s project and craft—the BikeHaus. Restored to serve as home for three individuals with three suites (bedroom/bath for each), the Haus will have a kitchenette for the upstairs tenants, a full communal kitchen and two communal living spaces downstairs. Two porches, one upstairs in the back and one in the front, flank the sturdy, big brick house, and a terraced backyard seems leveled for a fire pit, a future garden, hammocks and—of course!—a climbing rope.

But that description of the physical space limits the scope and idea behind the BikeHaus. Quint, my good friend and biking mentor who I met upon my return to Chattanooga, created this concept with simplicity in mind. By sharing a living space, creating a comfortable HOME, three people can more effectively share resources. We envision a few shared meals every now and then; shared use of vehicles, and what I hope will be a cargo bike (!!!); and shared values—of respecting each other’s space, but working toward a greater good of living simply. (…so that others may simply live.)

I get chills when I write that, actually. My journey here—and my housemate’s journey here—hasn’t been a straight and narrow path. We’ve both on our separate paths moved around the region, around the country, hell, just around the neighborhood. But something brought us together here, and it’s something fueled by a shared vision of creating a healthy household where we choose healthy, sustainable modes of getting from place to place, we aim to consume less by living in one space and sharing resources. We CREATE A COMMUNITY, a safe space where we can share and GROW ideas, just as Quint as shared and restored this beautiful space I now call home.

Sunrise on Walnut

Sunrise on Walnut Street Bridge commute

Last weekend, just around this time Saturday morning, I prepared for opening day at a new yoga studio in Warehouse Row called Yoga Landing. The name didn’t ring true intially, but upon my arrival, after screaming and laughing down Forest Ave. on my bike and really ARRIVING on my mat, the feeling of being AT HOME (firguratively and literally) really settled.

I have arrived.

In the BikeHaus, in my yoga practice, in my thoughts and in my community of friends and family. I have landed! And it’s no time to slow down, to stop doing and moving and working and thinking (and pedalling)—no. It’s a time to cultivate the sense of calm and well-being that I’ve been working toward EVERY DAY, whether I’m aware of it or not.

I have landed, and it’s time to recognize my growth and SHARE what I’ve learned. As Rob Brezsny (among countless others) says, “I have to love—I need to give!”

Let the adventures keep rolling. I hope to share many more BikeHaus (and LJ) updates and experiences here—I’m so grateful to have this toolbox of words to be able to share.


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