In the Final Stretches!

I love end-of-year recounts. As I scribbled one out last night—far too late into the night, considering how tired my body was—I realized that my 25th year of life has been pretty rocking. Not without its ups and downs, of course, but most certainly a good one.



The 26th year is fast approaching, which is another reality that kept my monkey mind working late into the evening. I’m hosting my birthday party, something I’ve always enjoyed since the pool parties of my youth, filled with beach-themed pudding/cookie cups, dirt cakes and bathing suits. This year’s, however, will include a BICYCLE EVENT of some sort, watermelon, sprinklers and me in a bathing suit, Pale Pleasure beer from Chattanooga Brewing Company (reminiscent of the 21st birthday party!!!), and hopefully a whole pile of friends.


Ahhh to be 21…

It’s been a year full of changes—changes in residences, in the workplace, among friends, changes of habits and patterns and rhythms—and I hope that year 26 brings even more challenges, adventures, and incredible new friends.

Enough cheese for the day. More bike-related blogging to follow, I swear.


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