On the Nostalgia of Summer


Finally, the rhythmic chirping of cicadas fills the night, the sky still nearly light at 9:30 p.m. Mixed with the strong smell of citronella and sunscreen lingering from the day, these sounds and smells make my senses and brain aware—summer is here.

It’s a nostalgic season for me—and for anyone, I would imagine. A season filled with relaxing, enjoyment, long days, sunshine, heat and water. I think the weekend allowed me to experience almost all of those things, as well as celebrate a holiday with one of the strongest influences in my life—my dad. image

After sharing breakfast this morning, we spent the day on the lake, sipping cold, clear beers, floating in the water, laughing and paddling around. I got a lot of sun, and on the way back to the marina as I sat on the front of the boat, I realized that one day I will reminisce about these exact moments—the wind blowing in my hair, the perfect 4 p.m. sun still high in the sky but slowly sinking, the New Zealand flag (now replacing the normal Tennessee flag) flapping as I watch boats buzz across the lake, rocking and rolling amid the lakegoers, my dad at the helm and Sarah by his side with the dog.

That feeling of knowing that regardless of whatever the next moment brings, whatever happens tomorrow… doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is the warmth of the sun on my already hot skin, the cool breeze in my face, the romance of all things maritime and the comfort of being with some of the most important people in my life…

To end the day, I cruised down Forrest Avenue, a notoriously steep North Chattanooga hill, on my Bianchi Milano that hasn’t been ridden since my sister and Fer’s visit in Decemeber! I laughed hysterically all the way down, and it continued into the conversation I had with friends at the bottom. image

I received many reminders of how precious life is, and of how sacred the people I share life with are. I am so grateful to have been given a gift to express those feelings with words. I can only hope that these words continue to give life to moments and feelings and expressions and interactions—that, to me, is fulfilling my passion.

As the summer solstice rolls nearer, my brain and body rest easy with the assurance of continued relaxing, hot, sweaty days. It is my favorite season, no doubt, to be lulled to sleep by the strong cicada song.

Goodnight, folks.


2 thoughts on “On the Nostalgia of Summer

  1. I love the images. Miles Davis and his version of Summer Nights came to mind as I was reading–check it out if you do not know it. And, a writing about Coming To Meet from a book, Love Sex and Intimacy In Changing Times-John Wellwood-Shambala Press-and long out of print. Coming to meet and Dancing on the Razor’s Edge–same book. And, maybe some Buddhist stuff on loving your path and Killing the Buddha on the Road. thanks

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