A Friday morning meditation

As I walked into the building this morning, the doorman handed me two pieces of mail, “ATTN: Laura Jane Walker.”

One was a letter from a dear friend from a past life. His words were worthy of posting and sharing:

“in the time we have known each other, we’ve both changed so much, that we are nearly unrecognizable, as far as perspective. the difference, i feel, is precisely this journey to ourselves. you know something of my challenges, and this most challenging odyssey, to know myself and embrace my own essential self, is now the source of my creativity. there is no one more worthy of my love than myself, and like osho was kind enough to reveal, it is the love i share with others now.”


As the sun moves across the sky, as I breathe in and breathe out, roll up hills and roll down hills, I only hope to be overflowing with love, smiles and pure joy.

Thank you, friend out there, for sharing, and thank you, universe, for delivering that piece of mail to me. I am very loved ❤


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