A Dr. Seussian Goodbye to Bike Month

Dear Bike Month,

I already miss you.

With your frolicking events,

Fun—and new!—friends,

Late spring surprises and non-stop excitement—and articles and posts and updates—about all things bikey related…

It’s going to be tough to carry on…but not really.

Bike Month is a reminder that EVERY MONTH and EVERY DAY, from the sweaty, muggy afternoons of August here in Chattanooga to the 30-degree mornings in Decemeber, is the perfect time to celebrate cyclists of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds; to promote accessibility to walkable and bicycle-friendly communities; and to celebrate the FREEDOM and INDEPENDENCE that cycling enables.

I’ll forever remember this Bike Month as the kick in the pants—the figurative fire under my ass—to start “publishing” my writing, as the first time I attended a bikey summit of any sort, and really as a big turning point in acknowledging and fully embracing what will be a BRIGHT future of connecting and networking with bikey and non-bikey people alike to further the status of cycling and healthy transportation alternatives in my city, in my state, in the South and in our country.


On that note… I met Ms. Jenny Park at the market today. We’re both a little sad about the closure of Bike Month. But with summer comes the promise of long hours of sunlight, beers, patios, cookouts, parties… I LOVE summer.

Is that garlic or are you just happy to see me?

In true crazy cyclist fashion, too, I bought the biggest garlic bulb with flower still attached (duh!) to ride home with. It was much like a Dr. Seuss character the way the big flower bobbed over my head through traffic. JP and I couldn’t stop laughing; I smiled all the way home.

Dr. Seuss would have been proud!

It was perfect. ❤  And just another reminder to keep celebrating—every breath, every moment, every day.

Now—how many crazy Nashvillians will it take to con me into staying up there for the first stop of New Belgium’s Tour de Fat on Saturday post Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes? Come on. Give me a reason to kick off June with a WAM BAM POW!!! I’m waiting!


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