That’s What’s Up

I’ve been listening to the new Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes on REPEAT nearly all day at work.

It was the highlight of my work day, which was the most Monday-est Tuesday I’ve had since… well, likely since Labor Day. What’s up with those summery American holidays when all the celebratin’ tends to happen right before I go back to work? Shoo.

Despite the chaotic fun that inevitably ensues on the “first” weekend of summer, I came away feeling more grounded than ever. It must be a combination of settling in to my living situation, spending time with happy friends, doing some cleaning around the house and on the bike (more to follow!), and getting some good ole’ vitamin D.

And oh—did I mention playing with my dear friend’s EXCEPTIONALLY cute baby? Yeah. That little lady makes me pretty happy, too.

There are bright things on the horizon, though! I get to see Ed Sharpe et. al. on Thursday at the Ryman; I am now the proud owner of… a mullet; I signed up for a work-friendly yoga retreat in July. My friends and I are mulling over access to bikey guides and creating a bikey podcast. I want to get a kayak and an appropriate kayak trailer for my bike. AND MORE. Ideas are brewing!

Bright things, shiny things, happy things. That’s what’s up.



One thought on “That’s What’s Up

  1. A Bright Shiny life is always the answer to the other stuff that is confused and makes me crazy. Remember Dr Seuss: and his little quote about being who you are and saying what you feel–“those we mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

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