A Healthy Haul: CSA Season in Full Force


Would ya lookie there! Letty and Curtis at Circle S Farms really hooked me up this week–well, they likely hooked everyone up. The little rainfall Chattanooga’s had must have boosted all these happy veggies.

This is my third year participating in a CSA. Every other Wednesday after work I pedal a few blocks–unfortunately with a lot of left turns–to the Main Street Farmers Market to get my share.


Two dozen eggs, carrots, lettuces, beets, greens, greens, more greens, beans, and some Velo coffee and Link 41 sausage topped off my load this week. My panniers overfloweth with locally grown produce and goods!

I even got to share a conversation and ride up my little hill with friendly/feisty neighbor and bikey extraordinare Jim Farmer! We talked about the rain barrels he’s getting and pasteurized water, among other things, before I split off.


Here’s to many healthy lunches, crazy veggie dishes and shared dinners/celebrations around the table with friends…and pedal-powered farmers market trips!


3 thoughts on “A Healthy Haul: CSA Season in Full Force

  1. When I get an OD of greens, I tend to do a saute meal with the sausages and also start throwing them into green smoothies. It uses a lot really quickly.

    • MMmm… green smoothies! Sounds delish. I make frittatas pretty regularly, and my farmer folks reminded me I can freeze them!

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