Wash Away the Day

The rain started again just before I left work. Riding in the rain inspires me, and it allows for a certain degree of clarity and calmness, especially in the summer, that I often overlook when going about my regular 4ish-mile roundtrip commute.


The rain also inspired me to skip my typical kettlebells workout. Since last week and last weekend’s events, my body feels like it needs rest. REST. Listening and tuning in to your body is a real challenge, especially if you thrive off physical activity, challenges and adrenaline.

The ride allowed me to wash myself clean of the day’s grime and grit, of emotional struggles and stress that accompany tense days at work. Sometimes, more exercise isn’t the answer; instead, drinking a cold beer by myself, sitting quietly at the kitchen table, writing and reflecting all provide the healing I need.

…OK, so maybe I will go on a brief rainy jaunt on the bicycle. There is something so enticing about seeing far fewer people walking/running/commuting in the rain.

Do you have rainy-day habits? Is there a grilled cheese sandwich and bowl of tomato soup calling your name, too?


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