Just Keep Spinning…


Some days, especially after having such a bikey-filled weekend, me and my passion for living by bike get lonely. It feels too much like an uphill battle.

Some days, watching the mist and clouds enshroud Lookout Mountain, feeling the cool(er) air on my bare arms, passing the regulars (like Jeffrey! Hi!) on the bridge and knowing that my health, this body, these bones and muscles, can carry me almost wherever I need to go… that alone gives me hope in the morning.

This inspiring quote from a strong yogi in town gets me going—I hope he doesn’t mind I borrowed:

“I think I’m being guided all the time. There is an influence that is always leading me in some way. I’m not necessarily having an awareness of consequence or circumstance…but what I do know, in almost everything that I am, do or feel—there is this very clear, clean, consistent understanding that I’m always moving in the right direction. No matter if it feels like I’m not. I’m here to serve, work and enjoy this life. By working in this moment -practicing presence- I open myself to that influence. Super large love to each of you during your week~”

Just keep breathing. And spinning. ❤


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