Finding Your Passion: A Front Porch Post

Front porches have a magical quality about them: They incite good conversation, good company, and usually good drinks.

My housemate Quint and I, on the occasion that we end up at home around the same magical hour of 10 p.m.ish, typically end up on the porch, with a nightcap, talking about life, people, philosophy. These conversations are not lost on me; in fact, they have more of an impact than many conversations and carry more depth than many interactions most people have on a daily basis, I believe.

Which brings me to a point Quint helped me clarify:

Bicycling, and my enthusiasm for bicycle is merely the thought—the brains, the ego—that are an extension of the deeper passion inside me.

It’s a passion I don’t think I’ve really internally or externally identified, or been able to identify, yet. It has to do with freedom, independence and equality.

It’s all about finding a fresh perspective!

Furthermore, it’s mostly through strong relationships, with my family and with my friends who are nearly as close as family, that I realize more of this passion. Each and every single one of them reflects a little piece of me back and shows me something I wasn’t able to see before, from my cyclobrother, who helped me buy my first bike as an adult, and my sister, who is fueled by independent and unique travel and experiences, to my oldest girlfriend relationship, who identifies with the extreme changes and life lessons we experience on a daily basis, and some of my best friends here who help me recognize that my intentions and actions—hell, me! Myself—can be far more impactful than I ever dreamed.

I don’t intend for this blog to be totally self serving; it’s a practice in self exploration, rather, that touches on a growing culture of women living by bicycles. I also mean to foster my writing, which is why I sit here, no longer on the porch, wildly pounding out the front porch revelation from tonight.

Meanwhile, the passion burns on … in each and every one of us. I hope we ALL can allow ourselves to recognize and GIVE IN to that passion. Following your heart and it’s intention—your intention—is far more powerful than any thinking or thought.


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