To Tutu or Not to Tutu: On Celebratory Biking

The Ride of Silence is behind us. It is, in its own way, very much a celebration of taking the streets and proclaiming that yes, we will be on the roads. As Quint said it, as cyclists, we know death could be a handlebar-length away. We still think it’s the right thing to do; some of us, myself included, think biking versus not biking (or driving) is a black-and-white issue. If we lived in a bike-centric culture, our cities and country would look drastically different.

But existing in those heavy thoughts can bring anyone down! So let’s turn to this weekend’s Tour de Nash—truly a celebration of bicycling!

This is out-of-town trip is one of my first bike-centric trips. While we won’t actually be pedaling to Nashville (though that trip is in my near future!!!), we will be pedaling in and around Nashville. What do I absolutely need to carry? Which do-it-all bag—that’s still easy to carry—should I bring? 30 miles? What the hell is that? I should wear a dress, right?

…or do I don the DRESS. Dressing UP, that is…likely in a tutu!

Purple abound! Tutu time with my bikey mom, Colleen, last summer.

I’ve been known to dress all silly-like, and I’ve been known to pedal in heels. There is something special about celebrating on two wheels—like a rolling party! Just thinking about it excites me.

That’s me, right of center, in my sailor outfit for Freedom Thighs a few years back. No helmet?! Silly youth. Note Ellie, my sweet ole’ Jamis who found another home.

30 miles… in a dress? In a tutu? Or in regular, boring ole’ bikey shorts and a shirt…


2 thoughts on “To Tutu or Not to Tutu: On Celebratory Biking

    • Tutu or not tutu? That is the question. Whether tis nobler….
      I don’t know the rest, so..
      Gotta go with Angelina and say TUUUUUTUUUUUU!!!

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