Women Who Bike: A Brief (But Stunning) Intro to Cortney Mild

Check out this excellent write up about former Chattanoogan Cortney Mild from University of Oregon, where she pursued a Master’s in public transportation and planning.

Ms. Cortney Mild at one of the first brews cruises she planned in Chattanooga. Not the best photo, but still great!


Marc Schlossberg, an associate professor in the PPPM program, said, “in her two short years at the UO, Cortney has made a huge impact – on students at the UO, within the communities immediately surrounding the UO and at a national level where her thesis results are being eagerly awaited. “I fully expect Cortney to make a significant national impact in re-balancing the nation’s transportation system toward more sustainable modes,” Schlossberg continued, “and given the urgent challenges of climate change, obesity and tight fiscal constraints, her impact cannot happen a moment too soon.”

She had an effect on the commuting community just her in short time here. While many fellow riders and friends hope for her return to Chattanooga, I’m confident she will excel and have a strong impact wherever she lands!

Congrats, Cortney!


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