CycloFemme in Action: An Inspiring Recount

I admit I was pretty bitter in my Mother’s Day post about CycloFemme. Inside, I was jealous my mom and I weren’t partaking in our own CycloFemme ride! Till next year…

In the mean time, check out this inspirational account from Lisa Mullis in Central Arkansas at

After the ladies had a chance to eat and to visit with one another, old and new friendships being fostered, I tried my best to share the mission of CycloFemme as I understood it and why I got involved. The history of cycling as it relates to women and emancipation, suffrage and rational dress is important for us to appreciate the freedoms we enjoy now. It is imperative that we understand what access to two wheeled transportation can do for women who live in parts of the world that continue to condemn them for wanting those same rights and freedoms.

Ride on, ladies!


One thought on “CycloFemme in Action: An Inspiring Recount

  1. We certainly had a great time on that ride and while it was small with the most common reason being, I have to go to church/lunch/square dancing with my mom that day, we were happy with our little crew. We were in Chattanooga last summer and I think our cities are going through the same kinds of struggles with bike commuting. Our bigger issue here is that racing is already HUGE and people hate those”spandex wearing lance armstrong wannabes”, but commuting is not so the backlash against commuter cycling is going to be a hurdle. Keep it up. Ride safely. Advocate for better infrastructure and most of all, just keep the wheels in motion. Thanks for reading us @!

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