Sisters in Cycling: Two Hemispheres, One Love


Sister and her bici in Cordoba making transit strikes look easy breezy

My sister has always inspired me, from the way I always wanted to dress like her growing up to her multimodal mastery as a lawyer in East Tennessee without a car. She lives in Cordoba, Argentina, now, and tells me all kinds of stories about bussing and more recently cycling around and outside of the city. She sent this with the above photo…talk about making bike riding for transport look good!

Hi Loo! So 50% of Cordoba commutes by bus, and the buses have been on strike for going on 3 days now. Total chaos in the streets and no poor people in downtown. I’ve been riding to my morning class all year, but now I’m riding to my more formal afternoon classes and loving it. I took this right after giving my biweekly workshop on presentations at the gov’t agency where I teach. Eeeeee…I love my bici and my fab helmet!

Nutcase helmets in Cordoba! Spreading the love… She told me today the heart helmet gets good attention. Bici–and sisterly!!!–love on both sides of the equator. Ride on, sister!


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