Let Your Heart Shine!


Shining My Heart(s)—Rainy Day Panda

Moments before heading out the door on this cool(er) morning, I heard the magic sound—no, not the sprinklers hitting my window—of soft rain!

Hellloooo outfit redo!

Here in the South it ain’t no big deal to ride in spring and summer rain. Getting slightly wet is far more acceptable, and sometimes even pleasant, in warm weather. I like to sing in the rain, and it’s a treat that I’m typically one of the few people on the road not in a glassed-in box.

So I broke out the heart helmet. It’s bright and shiny and represents a bright and shiny start to my day!

The ride was fantastic! I passed Colleen on the bridge and even took some Panda shots : ) on the walking bridge and the first block off the walking bridge, of course. Safety first. 


One thought on “Let Your Heart Shine!

  1. I like the spirit! Love your referring to those giant 4 wheeled weird looking things that clog up the roads all the time as glassed-in boxes. Those things suck, and I’m getting pretty damn tired of them.

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