From the First Pedal Stroke…

Enough gabbing—start writing!

…I knew I was going to be hooked. I didn’t know attending my first bike summit would bring nearly the same addictive highs.

Everyone likely remembers their first bike, finally riding without training wheels, their reintroduction to cycling as an adult, or something akin to their own two-wheeled awakening.

My two defining moments stand out in my memory: the first, as my dad pushed me off in the parking lot at Big Ridge Elementary, my first training-wheel-less ride. The second, my first ride on the hybrid/commuter my brother finally convinced me to buy in college, unaware of the independence these wheels would bring me.

However, I now face the tipping point of another personal bikey awakening. The boundaries between my chosen professional path—journalism, magazine production, writing and editing—and my true passion (bicycling!!!) begin to blur.

Friends and acquaintances ask why I don’t write about bikes. Hell, I’ve asked myself the same thing…over and over. I talk about cycling and its impact endlessly. Most of my Facebook presence revolves around bikes. My conversations revolve around bikes. My schedule, my friends, my life revolves around bikes.

So why stop at writing? Why keep these crazy cycling ideas in my head? The incredible presenters at the Summit reinforced the idea that I don’t have to.

There is no more hiding, keeping my voice off the innarwebs. More voices = more informed choices. I’m the only one silencing myself, and that barrier is coming down. Right now, with this first pedal key stroke, I enter the innarwebs as a bike blogger. Huzzah!

Welcome. And thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “From the First Pedal Stroke…

  1. I get it and thanks for wading in on the topic. I had a real change in my world when I started the web page last year. But, the blog software that was supposed to be seamless with the page had real conflicts and so I started to blog only to see my posts crash and my invitations generate frustration when invitees could not connect to read anything. Just today I tried it again and I have a blog post that was just waiting for me to update the bike summit page so I had something to share. Finished that at 8:30 this evening. Cross your fingers for me. I may be blogging in the morning–or the afternoon if something else goes nuts–or never if it really dies. I got a lot of really positive energy from your town–you are lucky to have the people around who get it. And the Crash Pad is the only commercial business I have linked to my page. I will see about subscribing to your blog

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